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Mangadadh Hills & Kadana Dam #APACHE

Distance: 485.7. Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Mangadh Hills – Kadana Dam- Ahmedabad

This was a day trip with the Perfect Riders. We started very early in the morning and got to Mangadh hills by noon after nice drive through scenic roads...

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Vintage Village Car Museum #APACHE

Distance: 102 Km

Route: Ahmedabad City Ride – SP Ring Road – Full Circle

This was a short 4 hour trip on a Saturday. I started early to beat the heat. It was mainly tar road riding which went quite smoothly...

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Little Runn of Kutch #Apache

Distance: 330.6 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Little Runn of Kutch(round trip)

This was a day trip to the Little Runn of Kutch. It is a short ride from Ahmedabad with plenty of off-road driving in the desert...

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Statue Of Unity #Apache

Distance: 466.7 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Statue of Unity(round trip)

This was a single day trip on Sunday to Statue of Unity and back. We started early in the morning and reached before noon...

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Khari River #APACHE

Distance: 117.5 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Khari River(round trip)

This was a short trip just till noon which I did with Diving Deep. The event organised by Diving Deep was mainly a short trek and tree climb trip.

It was a short ride to a place roughly...

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Distance: 471 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Mt. Abu(round trip)

This was a two day trip where we started early before 7:00 to reach our destination just about at mid day (Aarna Camp at Mt. Abu)...

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Distance: 220 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Limbdi(round trip)

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Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary #Apache

Distance: 148 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Nal Sarovar(round trip)

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Shahera #Apache

Distance: 330 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Shahera (round trip)

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Dahel MH #Apache

Distance: 750 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Baroda – Rajpipla – Dahel(MH) (round trip)

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