Distance: 471 Km

Route: Ahmedabad – Mt. Abu(round trip)


This was a two day trip where we started early before 7:00 to reach our destination just about at mid day (Aarna Camp at Mt. Abu). This morning drive was uneventful and involved mainly driving on the highway although there was some off road driving too. The bike handled well on the highway as well as during the climb up Mt. Abu.

We started back and midday and drove back to Ahmadabad in the soaring temperatures of approximately 42 degrees Celsius. The bike handled well despite the high temperature and high speed. We too managed to survive the heat by taking quick breaks to cool down.

It was a good bike trip in all and except for a blown fuse, I didn’t have any issues.




Starting early from Ahmedabad

Dirt Track close to destination Mt. Abu

Dirt Track close to destination Mt. Abu

All the way on the top – Mt. Abu

Decending – Mt. Abu