Polo Forest #NANO

Distance:  345 KM

Route:  Ahmedabad-Polo Forest-Ahmedabad

This was a Sunday outing to Polo Forest which included few more places like Doulat Villas Palace and Kadoli farm as well.

The car handled well on which was mainly tar road and mainly Highway as well. There were a few inner roads and small lanes but almost no off road driving. Polo Forest too has some narrow lanes to navigate through. There are two places where we needed to tread through deep water. Since the Nano has high clearance, we managed to go through the water without much effort.

The average for this trip was 23.5 km/ltrs for the 345 kms we covered. We had the AC on all the time and were travelling along with the other riders on bikes and other two wheel vehicles. Our average speed was quite low, which seems to be the main reason for the high average.