Shahera, Panchmahel #NANO

Distance: 331 KM

Route:  Ahmedabad-Shahera-Ahmedabad

This was a weekend trip to and fro to Shahera which was via the Ahmedabad-Godhera highway. This was one of the rare occasions when we traveled in the afternoon due to some reasons not mentioned here. The ride was a very smooth one but since it was one hot afternoon of a very hot and long summer, the car had several issues. It started over heating shortly after we got on to the highway and simply shut down due to the overheating. We managed to reach a highway restaurant where we had an extended snack break and then continued to our destination once the sun went down.

This was one of the longest 300 or so KMs due to the car overheating issues, taking us approximately 5 hours to cover the distance.

I used up approximately 17 liters of petrol, with the average being 19.5 km/liter.